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Thank you all for these words about Tetum Solution:


  • Hi Bocagio, Fantastic – thanks so much for your help on this work – It wouldn’t have been possible without you! Many thanks,

(Frances Butcher public health registrar in the public health team at Oxford County Council, 6/12/2017)


  • “THANK YOU – Bocagio was so very helpful; He was professional with our Family as required; We couldn’t have had better!! THANK YOU ”

(K. Bradford New Siblands Primary School, Bristol, 30/11/2017)


  • “Excellent translation service”

(A. Magnay, Social Service, Oxford County Council, 24/11/2017)


  • “Excellent Interpreting”

(Patrick Routley, Goldsmith Chambers Barrister, 22/11/2017)


  • “Hi Bocagio,

Many thanks for your email and attached quotation. We appreciate such a professional response.”

(Lucia Barreto, Project Manager from Absolute Translations Ltd, 17/11/17)


  • “Good morning Bocagio,​

Thank you for support and making the time to attend the meeting at short notice. I feel it was a successful meeting and is due, in no small part, to the high quality of your services. It was a pleasure working with you.”

(13 Nov 2017)

“Excellent Service, Very Accommodating, Professional and Reliable”

(11 Nov 17)

(Vincent Mancini, Stronger Communities Officer, North Lincolnshire Council )



(F Dance from Lodden Valley Police, 7/11/17)


  • “Good morning,

Thank you for registering an interest in joining our panel of Senior Linguists. After a review of your profile, Capita TI is pleased to confirm that your application has been successful and that you have been added to the relevant register”.

(Capita Ti, 01 Nov 2017)


  • “Apreciá tebes ba ita nia maun Bocagio nudar fundador Tétum solution, hodi bele azuda timor oan sira nebe presisa duni informasaun inportante sira hanesan ne, obrigada wain ba maun nia esforço hodi translate info ne. Continua azuda bom successu ba oin nafatin! Blessing”

(Inacia Vilena, 28 Oct 17)


  • “Tinan 2 ho Balun liun ba! Hau konhese maun Bocagio Santos ema ida que laran luak tebes! Ema ida que fuan boot tebes no haraik an!
    Iha tempo ida que difficil halo ami hanoin mos la hetan!
    Maibe maun mosu hanesan graca maromak nian hodi hatoo novidades mai hu!
    Que graca boot ida!
    E nudar Timor oan Hau orgulho boot tebes!
    E hau Rianny, sei suporta nafatin maun tô suseso boot iha futuro
    Obrigado ba amizade no domin husi maun mana e alin feton nain 5

(Rianny, 12 Sept 2017)


  • “Whilst reviewing linguist performance levels from December 2016 to May 2017, you have been highlighted as one of our highest performing linguists during that period based on your dedication, quality and hard work whilst representing thebigword on assignments.

We would like to extend a special thanks to you for providing an excellent service to our clients.

We are truly thankful for your commitment to your work and look forward to continuing working with you in the future”.

(thebigword Service Excellence Team, 4 Sept 2017)


  • “Parabens kompanheiro Boca, bele motiva mos timoroan sira moris iha county sira seluk”

(Ivo Santos, 20 Aug 2017)


  • “Hau apreçia tebes Irmão Bocagio nia inisiativa no iha corajen bolu atensaun ba maluk no familia Timor-oan sira iha UK atu acompanha nutuçia relaçiona ho ordem public kina status cidadania ema rai liur iha UK ligado ho progresu “Brexit Policy”.
    Irmão Bocagio iha paixão boot tebes ba maluk Timor-oan sira nebe buka vida moris iha UK no Irlanda. Irmão Bocagio sempre liga no “care” ba maluk hotu hanesan uluk hamutuk iha Rawasari, Jakarta. Orgulho tebes. Itaboot merese sai “foti” CONSUL Timor-Leste nian iha cidade nebe Timor-oan hela barak ba hodi serviço. Um abraço ba irmão ho familia”

(Paulino Henrique Ribeiro, Head of Education Attache at Embassy of Timor-Leste, Philippines, 23 June 2017)


  • “I am very grateful for your invaluable help.”

(R. Fowler, Solicitor, Family Law, Reeds Solicitor, 27 Mar 2017)


  • “Prompt and great service”

(Thames Valley Police, 24 Mar 2017)


  • Look forward to working together again. Prompt and good communication

(AlphaPlus, 26 Oct 2016)


  • “Very quick to arrive, and very helpful. Excellent Service”

(PC Scroggs from Thmaes Valley Police, 23/10/2016)


  • “Excellent service, Flexible and Accommodating”

(DC Yeats from Thames Valley Police, 23 May 2016)


  • “Hello Bocagio,
    I hope this email finds you well.
    I am very happy to inform you we have received a compliment about your service quality and your professionalism.
    “Although Bocagio might not answer e-mails during the day due to his job as an interpreter, he will reply once he is home in the evening and will delivery by the specified deadline. He’s very polite.”
    Thank you please keep up the good work.”

(DC Carter, Humberside Police via Capita Ti, June 2015)


  • “Dear Bocagio

This is just a note to thank you for your loyalty and support over the last 6 months.

As you will be aware, thebigword pride ourselves on providing our clients with both an industry leading service and professional, high quality translations. In particular, you have been highlighted for delivering high quality translations, on time, and showing great commitment to us and our clients during this period.

So we just wanted to say thank you very much for your support!

We look forward to continuing working with you in the future”.

(Thebigword recruitment team, 15 May 2015)


Very quick and accurate service

(Globaltechre, 7 Feb 2015)




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