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My name is Bocagio dos Santos. I am originally from East Timor. I am currently living and working in United Kingdom.


I completed my Bachelor degree in Social Philosophy from Driyarkara School of Philosophy in Jakarta-Indonesia and after moving to England in 2005, I completed my certificate, diploma and Master in Business Management from Oxford Brookes University.


I am fluent in English, Bahasa Indonesia (used to be mother tongue), Fataluku (native dialect), and Tetum (Mother tongue).


I am an experienced Translator and interpreter from Bahasa Indonesia, Tetum and Fataluku to English or vice verse in East Timor (2003-2005) and in United Kingdom (since Aug 2013).


In 2003 to 2005 I worked as translator and interpreter in the Ministry of Health under Global Fund agent in East Timor. I translated documents from Tetum and Bahasa Indonesia to English or vice-verse mostly in health services and legal matters. I also interpreting in the meetings between Global Fund, Ministry of Health and its stakeholders.


And Since August 2013, after completing my master in business management from Brookes University, I revived my career in this industry. I have been translating the documents, letters and subtitles for documentary films. I also have been travelling around the United Kingdom for interpreting in conferences, interviews and courts as well as telephone interpreting. I also have been doing transcribing the recording conversations and translating them.


I am an enhanced CRB holder and I have also been granted NPPV 3 Clearance  for all UK Police Forces including Metropolitan Police which will expired in 2019.


I have my own car with full and clean UK driving licence.


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